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Well done to all the performers who did so well at the Matilda workshop this summer.

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Dear (Miss) June,
You probably won’t remember me, as you had many pupils, but we only had a few teachers! I thought I’d look and see how my old dance teacher was doing.
I have been looking at dance lessons for my daughters, over here in Colchester, recently. They were very excited to discover that Mummy learned Ballet and Tap (and Modern and Jazz – but I haven't mentioned those yet).
It was a pleasant surprise to find you on the web – and now running a stage school. It was also great to find that Tina is teaching alongside you too; she choreographed my competition dance (Mr Bluebird – I might even still remember some of the dance if you played the music) and some of the dances in the Scout pantomimes (I particularly remember the rat dance in Dick Whittington).
I still have many good memories of being in your dance classes at the Methodist
Church, and hope to give my daughters the same kind of start. You may like to know that you did a good job of inspiring me to dance for life. I have continued dancing (mostly in amateur theatre groups) until I left the Theatre Arts Society at Essex University in 2005 (because I graduated, aged 25), when I struggled to find a local group to join. The dance school (Showcase) I(ve found does classes for adults too, so I may do that instead.

Thank-you again for your hard work and for inspiring me,

Georgina (née Pepper)

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